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  • 2 cups fresh blossoms

  • 2 cups raw honey

Combine in a glass container and steep for up to a week in a dark place. Then, strain the blossoms out of the honey. The infused honey will keep for a few months if stored in a dark, cool place.

One of the easiest and one of the best uses for spring flowers. Use blossoms from any apple tree, wild violets, or honeysuckle.


Thinning apple blossoms leads to better fruit by allowing the tree to focus its energy in fewer places. Pick blossoms from places that aren’t ideal for future fruit, like the undersides of branches or otherwise shady places. Always remove the full cluster of buds and blossoms, even if you don’t intend to use all of it.

For wild violets and honeysuckle, use no more than one-third of the blossoms present so as not to damage the plants beyond what they can repair. If a wild violet plant has less than four blossoms, leave it be.